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WHY? at Spazio Diamente / Rome, Italy

Why? is a documentation of the lives of the

dancers you see on stage. It is born from their stories, and illustrated through their movement. The project begins with an interview, and generous responses from the dancers. By asking the same questions to dancers from various backgrounds, I try to find our similarities, differences and the common thread that has drawn us all to this artform. We invite the audience to hear us, not only see us. And we ask that you might reflect on your own choices. This is the fourth version of this project since 2016. This year (2018) has changed us, we can't go back to what we used to be. This year we focus on women's stories. Allow of to use this as a moment of therapy.



Dance for camera film. Choreographer / Director / Editor: Wenting Sun


WHY? Documentary dance performance at 1933 MICRO THEATER

WHY? at


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