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Teaching is an opportunity for me to share my knowledge and experience with others, while also learning from them. I believe that a teacher is not only a source of information, but also a facilitator of dialogue and exchange between students, influencers, and other participants. Teaching is a two-way street; it is a chance to learn as much as it is to teach. I strive to create an environment of mutual respect and understanding, where everyone can feel comfortable to ask questions and express their opinions.



Immerse Summer project was a four-day artist intervention project which took place in September 2022 as part of the Immerse project, with 2-3 artists leading various creative explorations with children in six schools across Edinburgh:

  • Brunstane Primary

  • St Ninian's Primary

  • St David's Primary

  • Forthview Primary

  • Craigroyston Primary

  • Canal View Primary

Activities included:

  • Exploring the power of dance to communicate thoughts and feelings, drawing ideas from different dance styles of the past.

  • Rediscovering the classroom space by rearranging the classroom, creating sculptures, and exploring movement. 

  • Creating a library of stories for the class to keep after the project, by making their own mini books and recording audio stories.

  • Finding out more about events that happened on this day in the past and making a creative response to this such as posters, song lyrics and short scenes.

  • Creating an environment for mischief-making and freedom by inventing comedic characters and working with movement, choreographic tasks, and materials.


Throughout the year we run a programme of classes, workshops and practice sessions for professional dance and movement artists.

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Hot Yoga Glasgow offer four styles of Hot Yoga including the internationally renowned Bikram Yoga series.  Increase strength, flexibility, overall health, well-being and vitality as you experience the ultimate exercise system for both body and mind.  We always welcome new faces and we have something for everyone here, turning up the energy for our HIIT class; Inferno Hot Pilates and cooling down with relaxing yin yoga sessions. As you embark on this incredible journey, our inspirational teachers will guide you on every step of the way.

Sam completed the 26+2 teacher training program in August 2017 (250hr). He is also trained in vinyasa flow and intermediate hot yoga. Sams classes are strong, super focussed yet calming and full of wisdom.

He competed in Sweden in 2012 in the Nordic Yoga Championships and won, becoming first Finnish champion. Yos is part of my everyday existence, keeping me focused, flexible and free. Connecting me to body, mind and spirit.

Sam has practiced with many teachers in different countries, learning something different from each of them - in the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, China, Germany, Israel and the United Kingdom. I feel a deep sense of gratitude for this experience and want to pass on this knowledge to others their yoga journey. I follow the mantra of:


‘The student is always the teacher, and the teacher is always the student’

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