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Dancing is so much more than just a physical practice. It’s a gateway to explore emotions and aims to bridge the gap between your mind, body, and soul. When I dance, I feel liberated, connected, and deeply immersed in the movements, vibrations, and energies of the experience. As each movement flows, I am overcome with feelings of freedom, joy, and creativity as I express myself through my body and soul. This allows me to let go of all the stress and expectations of daily life and enjoy the feeling of being connected to something much larger. I feel the rhythm deep within my body, and my movements instinctively react to the music or sound.

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A creative initiative by Lyra, Starcatchers and Imaginate, encompassing a travelling ensemble, creative play, and participatory performance making, all co-designed with children and young people across Edinburgh, Glasgow and Fife.

Supported by the Creative Scotland Youth Arts Targeted Fund, Where We Are recruited artists, practitioners, and production staff to engage over 6 months with refugee families, groups of children, and young mothers and babies through a programme of inspirational artistic activity.  In partnership with organisations focused on tackling inequality, incl. Refuweegee, Multicultural Family Base and Fife Gingerbread, the three distinct project strands were informed by the wellbeing and needs of the children and young people involved.  

The project partners delivered a comprehensive training and development programme for the artistic team including anti-racism and trauma-informed child protection training, with opportunities to share artistic practices and project learning. 

Where We Are was all about connecting with children and young people through performance making, creative arts and play as we begin to look towards life beyond the pandemic.


An insightful and artistic expose of what dancers put their bodies through in the name of their art. Painfully obvious, commonly denied.


One of the best things I have seen in a long time… utterly breathtaking, utterly fantastic.” – Norman Smith, Chief Political Correspondent, BBC News Channel.


Drawing on the information from Professor Helen Thomas’ enquiry “Pain and Injury in a Cultural Context” (2007) and from choreographer Jenni Wren’s own experience and research process with other dancers, the choreography exposes the athleticism, determination and elegance that professional dancers demonstrate in their work whilst hinting at the vulnerabilities they also experience.


Minor Tears includes an educational package of workshops which provide information on the management of dance injuries and rehabilitation, where to find specialist support.


Funded by: Arts Council England, Leeds Inspired, supported by Harlequin Floors and The CIC.

Minor Tears premiered at the Globe Theatre in London, selected and commissioned by Graham Watts – Chair of the Dance Critic Circle.

Performing Minor Tears with Katie Armstrong part of Dance Base's Snow Motion programme 2021 

Minor Tears by Jen Wren

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lux asunder

And then it was torn.

Under this scorched sky, we scrambled and reassembled. We fought. We sought refuge. We changed. Altered cells glide through ridges of toxic skin, pulsing to a new life source, or bringer of death. 

Hold these fragments. Make of us what you will.


lux asunder is a new performance inspired by Rowan and Róisín's shared interest in the possibilities of science fiction, with live electronics, vocals & saxophone and intricate contemporary dance.


Set in a wasteland in the near-future, expect an intense and atmospheric environment with dramatic movement and an eerie yet electrifying score


Creative Team


Concept & Direction: Rowan McIlvride & Róisín O’Brien

Composer: Rowan McIlvride

Choreography & Performance: Róisín O’Brien with Malcolm Sutherland and Sam Vaherlehto

Saxophonist: Evie Alberti

Visual Design: Trenchone

Scenic Painting: Brian McFeely

Costume Design: Zephyr Liddell

Lighting: Chris Harrison

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